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Regular Clean Package

All the basics you'd expect, including dusting, cleaning and vacuuming, leaving every room throughout your home not just clean but pristine clean.

Spring Clean Package

Includes the Regular Clean schedule with some additions for when a more thorough job is required. Your home won’t just look clean, it will feel clean.

Deep Clean Package

The most comprehensive package we offer, which Includes the Regular and Spring Clean schedule with additional services to make your home pristine from the inside out.

One-Off Jobs

On those occasions where a one-off clean is just what’s needed, such as cleaning after flood damage, you’re recovering after a hospital stay or perhaps you’re a landlord who needs a rental property cleaning between tenants, we’re here to help with one-off jobs and no long-term commitment.


Gift Vouchers

For those times when life gets in the way of our cleaning regimen, gift vouchers are the perfect way to let someone know you care. From parents coming home from hospital with a newborn baby to an older relative returning from a spell of winter sunshine, there’s no better welcome than a pristine clean home. Contact us to order gift vouchers from Christine’s Pristine Clean to make someone’s day.